The first Indo-Brazilian audiovisual co-production by Perumeen Cinema & Vedanta Life Institute, Rio de Janeiro.

Created & Directed by: Ananda Jyothi

He is an Indian who lived in Brazil and today has returned to his local city, Cochin - Kerala, in South India. He is a musician and has worked as curator for few Indian Film Festivals in Brazil. He has directed several documentaries and is premiering with this feature film. He has published a few books on poetry.

Manilal Padavoor(Director of Photography)

He was introduced to cinematography by renowned cinematographer Mankada Ravi Varma. Later he found his true calling, documentaries. He won Kerala State Government’s best documentary director award in the year 2006. He had a long stint with first Malayalam News Channel Indiavision as their Chief Cameraman.

Pinto Varkey(Editor)

Started as a video editor in 2005 in studios at Kochi - Lal Media, Mega Media.Mainly worked with ad films and documentaries.Also joined with a TV Production in Brazil, for a documentary for kids (Planet India). Presently a Freelance Editor with independent ad production houses.

João Paulo Mendonça(Soundtrack)

João Paulo Mendonça is an artist behind the scenes of dramaturgy and values as few as a component sometimes little perceived by the public: his breadwinner, the soundtrack. He has had tours of Brazilian, electronic and classic sounds, trips to Japan, the US, Thailand and Cambodia. He has worked with the musical production of series and novels like Bang Bang, The Great Family, Dona Flor and His Two Husbands and Fina Estampa. In 2015, he aired one of the great works of his career in Secret Truths, exploring new sounds under the influence of the Danish Jacob Kirkegaard. His latest work is ‘Other Side of Paradise’ in 2017 & 2018 for TV Globo.

Renganaath Ravee(Sound Design)

RenganaathRavee is an Indian sound designer/ sound editor based in Mumbai who has worked in over 90 plus feature films (extending to eight languages including English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Ladakhi, Marathi, and Nepali), documentaries, short films, advertisements, and installations. He has also won the 2015 Kerala State Film Awards for Best Sound Designer and 2017 Kerala State Film Awards for Best Sound Designer. The poetry installation, an amalgamation of poetry, sculpture and sound has earned him a place in the Limca Book of Records for being the first of its kind in the history of art. He is a visiting faculty at various noted film schools


Isabella Pitaki (Paraná)

Born in Curitiba, South Brazil, she believes in the universality of healing and being, has walked her path by graduating in Western Medicine, undergoing an Internal Medicine Care Training and parallel to that, practicing Yoga since age 16. Searching for a deeper understanding in subtle sciences, she delved into Eastern philosophies. Finally, she decided to integrate all this knowledge by focusing on prevention and turning herself in to an Ayurvedic Therapist, Yoga teacher and Holistic Healer.

Jonas Masetti (Rio de Janeiro)

Carioca and nature lover, Jonas began to tread his spiritual path while still working in the Financial Market. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the IME and his professional career was set up as an entrepreneur. In 4 years he directed a Consulting and worked with top management of the companies.. At the end of his quest he became part of the tradition of Vedanta, ancient knowledge coming from India that help people find peace and inner balance independent of the external world and he is the Director of Viswavidyalaya in Brazil,for Vedanta and Sanskrit studies.

Juliana Fiusa (Piauí)

She graduated as a Lawyer. She is a professional Yoga Teacher, student of Vedanta and is passionate about music, literature and photography.

Gauri Priya (Kerala, India)

Hailing from Kottayam in Kerala, she is an Assistant Professor at Raja Man Singh Tomar Music & Arts University, Gwalior. She has studied at SN School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts & Communication (University of Hyderabad), Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts and at Banaras Hindu University. She is now based in Gwalior.