The first Indo-Brazilian audiovisual co-production by Perumeen Cinema & Vedanta Life Institute, Rio de Janeiro.

The songs of the birds were sounding new. The aromas of spices and the unknown herbs and the flowers of the garden were of a thousand vivid colors and were of a soothing fragrance, as if from another time. Isabela woke up from a dream and found herself floating, on the edge of the river of knowledge. Is this the river of time? Is this the river of liberation? Yes, this is the river of transcendence, Maa Ganga. I know, I'm in India.

I am Isabela, 33 years old. I was born and raised in southern Brazil. I have traveled to all the continents and today I have found my home in Bahia, the mystical land of North Brazil. I had good dates and some mismatches in love, but I always believed in the power of love. I am a doctor, a psychologist, a yoga teacher, a singer, an astrology student and I enjoy writing poetry. I seek in all of them my being. But who am I? I know I'll find that answer here.

India enchants me every minute and every day. Sometimes I feel confused. But I know there's a way out. When a door closes, nine new doors will always open up. My grandmother told me that a wise man will light up my way and open all those new doors.

Jonas, Viswanathan, is a teacher of Vedanta, who is devoted to spreading the knowledge of Vedas. He follows the river of knowledge and flows with wisdom. He walks in the same footsteps as his masters and continues the Vedic lineage of self-awareness. He has served many masters, dedicated himself to studies of the traditions of the Vedas and as all seekers has had moments of lucidity and moments of darkness. But, always followed the path of light. He had uncertainties about what he learned… questioned, acknowledged, corrected, stood up and followed life by looking forward to sharing this sacred knowledge. Each pilgrimage of his is a new cycle of life.

I was an engineer, an entrepreneur and after a few years I left everything behind, because as much as I succeeded in the material world, inside I knew that there was a void to be filled ... From here on my life has been to delve into myself and share with people my discoveries and this knowledge called Vedanta. After spending four years with my master in India, I traveled through this land not with the intention of discovering it but of allowing it to inspire me with the same enlightenment that flooded the hearts of all the masters of the past. I bow to them, and to Maa Ganga.

Jonnas, Isabela, Gauri, Juliana and many other characters intersect in search of their ‘self', yet the river flows relentlessly and floods their lives and all those whom who travel with them. This film is of a simplicity and a depth that awakens within all the true spiritual seeker.